Gifts and Packaging

There are many companies that offer gift packaging and display solutions. Select a company that meets your specific merchandising needs and projects. You can use already manufactured standard items or order custom products. A tailor made solution works well if you are launching a new product or store.

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Display Stands and Trays 

These products are available in a variety of designs, styles, materials, colours, shapes and thicknesses. Contact a supplier or reseller if you have a small order. Contact a manufacturer if you need display supplies for many stores. There are some manufacturers that take even small orders for custom display stands. You can order cut to size acrylic sheets for your store's display needs. Display stands and trays for both small and large items are available in a variety of designs and styles. You should know the type of display stand you need. Some types of stands require additional accessories to fix, install or assemble them.

Gift Packs

Whether you have an online or offline store, some buyers will want you to provide them gift packs so they can send the purchased items as gifts. You will miss on these buyers if you do not provide gift packing solutions. Different types of products like boxes, colourful papers, gift wraps and sued pouches are available for this purpose. The cost varies depending on the type and quality of gift packs you order. Use high quality gift packs for items like jewellery.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Some companies operating in this industry offer custom packaging solutions to their customers. You will receive complete start to end solution. The packaging company has professionals who will help convert your concepts into proper packaging product. They make sure your packaging product meets the required packaging guidelines. Efficient packaging means no space is wasted inside the box. More robust packaging is needed for fragile and expensive items. You may need protective cushioning solutions to protect such items during storage, handling and transportation.

You can order different types of boxes, gift packs, transit packaging, shelf ready packaging, floor standing units, merchandise displays, counter displays, palette displays, permanent displays and modular displays. Attractive packaging plays an important role in increasing the sales. Safe packaging ensures safe delivery of goods to your customers. The unique display units highlight your brand and separate you from the competitors. The custom packaging and display companies also offer printing of the brand, logo, messages and graphics on the packaging and display materials. Use these solutions to sell more.